School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學

HUANG Yu Professor

B.Sc. (Fudan University Shanghai Medical School, China); M.Phil., Ph.D. (University of Cambridge, UK)

Telephone:  39436787

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 223A, Lo Kwee-Seong Integrated Biomedical Sciences Building, Area 39, CUHK



  1. Endothelial and Metabolic Dysfunction, and Novel Biomarkers in Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and Estrogen Deficiency
  2. Endothelium-derived Contracting Factors in the Regulation of Vascular Tone
  3. Adipose Tissue Regulation of Vascular Function in Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension
  4. Ischemic Stroke and Neuronal Damage
  5. Pharmacological Characterization of New Anti-diabetic and Anti-hypertensive Drugs. Hypotensive and antioxidant Actions of Biologically Active Components of Traditional Chinese Herbs and Natural Plants including Polypehnols and Ginsenosides
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