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Event Highlights

School of Biomedical Sciences Postgraduate Research Day 2010

Date : 2010-10-29
Details :

The first Postgraduate Research Day 2010 of our School was held on 29 Oct 2010 (Friday). The entire event was organized by the following Organizing Committee formed entirely by our student members:

Organizing Committee of the Postgraduate Research Day 2010:
Richard Kam (President); Stella Chai (Vice-President); Linda Gu Shen (Vice-President); Christina Poon (Secretary); Peggy Ng (Creative Director) and Eva Lau (Program Coordinator)
Master of Ceremonies: Barry Yeung and Eileen Wang

A total of 120 participants registered for the event which included SBS postgraduate students, principle investigators, teaching staff, research staff and also non-SBS members. 45 posters had been displayed to compete for different poster and oral presentation prizes. More than 120 students, staff and external scholars had visited the posters; 107 participants joint our lunch session and 96 participants registered for the afternoon oral presentation session. As highlighted in our Director’s welcome message, the main purpose of the Research Day was to provide “a platform on which our students can display their creativity and hard-work, share their achievements with their peers, and showcase their talent”. The Postgraduate Research Day 2010 had genuinely served this purpose.

Adjudicators were invited from among our principal investigators of the five research themes to select ten best posters in the morning session. Student members were also invited to select 4 posters as the posters of Student’s Choice.

Adjudicators in the morning poster session:
Professors Franky Chan, Alaster Lau, Stephen Tsui, Wing-ho Yung, John Rudd, Eric Cho, Po Sing Leung, Sidney Yu, Hui Zhao, Kenneth Lee, Wan Cho, Yiu-wa Kwan, Francis Lam and Xiaoqiang Yao

Adjudicators in the afternoon oral presentation session:
Professors Wai-Yee Chan, Woody Chan, Kwok-Pui Fung, Kingston Mak, Helen Wise, Yin Xia, Sidney Yu, Kenneth Lee and Francis Lam

Congratulations go to the following prize winners for their wonderful presentations and excellent research work:

Prize Student Name Supervisor
First prize Gu Shen Prof. Wai-Yee Chan
Second prize Chen Elve Prof. Kenneth Lee
Second prize Lee Man Yuen Prof. Alisa Shum
Third prize Kam Kin Ting Prof. Woody Chan
Third prize Ng Ka Yan Prof. P S Leung
Third prize Yeung Ho Sing Prof. Helen Wise
Poster prize Kwok Po Lam Prof. C Wan
Poster prize Li Qian Prof. W H Yung
Poster prize Tian Xiaoyu Prof. Y Huang
Poster prize Xie Chuanming Prof. Christopher Cheng

Winners of Students' Choice posters:

Student Name Supervisor
Lee Man Yuen Prof. Alisa Shum
Tsang Wan Hong Prof. Mary Waye
Xie Chuanming Prof. Christopher Cheng
Wong Ching Man Clover Prof. CH Cho

Thanks go to all the participants who had actively joined the discussion and question-and-answer sessions and also shared their research ideas. All these made the Postgraduate Research Day a success.

Special thanks go to the following commercial sponsors who had generously supported the whole event:
Bioprobes Ltd.
Chinetek Scientific (China) Ltd.
Hong Kong Labware Co. Ltd.
QIAGEN Hong Kong PTE Ltd.
Eastwin International Trading Ltd.
Kofa Enterprise Ltd.
PTC International Ltd.
Tin Hang Technology Ltd.
Boppard (H.K.) Co. Ltd.
Eppendorf China Ltd.
Techcomp Ltd.
Leica Microsystems Ltd.