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Event Highlights

Crash Course for Hong Kong Association of Clinicians in Training

Date : 2024-03-23
Details :

On 23 March 2024, the members of the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS) took part at the crash course organised by the Hong Kong Association of Clinicians in Training (HKACT). The event aimed to support future clinicians (from preclinical students to housemen) in exploring and developing their potential and personalized career paths. Students gained hands-on experience in handling cell culture, and visualize the GFP stained neuroblastoma cells.

A hands-on workshop on “Differentiation and visualization of neuroblastoma cells with green fluorescent protein (GFP)” was led by Prof. Andrew M. Chan, Director of SBS. Prof. Alfred S.L. Cheng and Prof. So Hon Cheong shared their research journeys in biomedical sciences. Their inspiring stories offered guidance and encouragement to the aspiring clinicians in the audience.

Prof. Andrew M. Chan

Prof. Alfred S.L. Cheng

Prof. So Hon Cheong

Group photo