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Event Highlights

“Silent Teacher” Body Donation Programme Information Day

Date : 2024-04-13
Details :

Following the successful first Information Day in August 2023, the “Silent Teacher” Body Donation Programme held its second Information Day for public on 13th April 2024. The event attracted than 250 registered attendees, with about 80% of them visiting the venue. Visitors came from all walks of life, including retired individuals, parents, social workers, and students.

The Information Day proved to be a resounding success, thanks to the support from seven end-of-life planning exhibitors including but are not limited to, Forget Thee Not, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Community Services Division Elderly Services Section Endless Care Services, Organ Donation Team from the Department of Health, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Green Burial Service team. Additionally we express our gratitude to the speaker who shared their research on end-of-life planning, including Dr Chelsea Sun from CUHK Centre for Bioethics. The interactive discussion on the topic of Home Death was extremely fruitful and rewarding.

As part of the Information Day, we organised the first exhibition of “Gifts left behind” by our silent teachers in Hong Kong. This exhibition aimed to share the humanity and stories of our Silent Teachers with students and the general public.

It was our honour to host the mentees of the HKSAR Government sponsored Strive and Rise Programme. More than 20 mentees had the opportunity to interact with our exhibitors, student helpers and mostly importantly, reflect on the meanings of life for their personal development in the future.

Fringe activities included tours in the Dissecting Lab housed in the Choh-Ming Li Basic Medical Sciences Building, allowing registered visitors to learn about human anatomy and how “Silent Teachers” contribute to anatomy training and medical education. The tours were led by the Dr Sam Poon, the Body Donation Programme Coordinator.

The “Silent Teacher” Body Donation Programme would like to extend sincere appreciate to all participants and exhibitors for their valuable contributions and dedication to making this event a success.

“Gifts left behind” Silent Teachers Exhibition attracts many participants

The interactive discussion on the topic of Home Death receives enthusiastic response

Dissecting lab guided tour lets the visitors know how “Silent Teachers” contribute to anatomy training and medical education