School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學

GESIM Bio-Scaffolder 3.1


It prints 3D scaffolds as substrate for cell culture and organoids.  It also seeds cells using the GeSim piezoelectric pipettes.  The instrument is also equipped with metal nozzles and cartridges for precise temperature controlled thermoplast printing and high temperature piston extruder for printing plastic granules at >200°C, etc. 
The platform fits in a biological safety cabinet.

  • GUI-based windows software, pre-configured
  • Intuitive “Scaffold generator” for the easy generation of simple forms and the slicing of CAD data (STL and 3MF files)
  • 3 independent z-drives for cartridges, plus one for a liquid dispenser (piezo) and a z-sensor
  • Paste printing controlled by compressed air
  • Choice of cartridge holders, for ambient temperature, or heatable (to > 120°C)
  • Tip cleaner for wiping off excess material
  • Z-sensor for the measurement of substrate heights plus tip measuring tool for automatic alignment of dispensers
  • Piezoelectric GeSIM pipette (heatable/non-heatable, various sub-nanolitre volumes) can aspirate samples from a (heatable) microtitre plate                    
  • Piezo dispenser includes bottles, tubing, syringe pump, wash/dry stations, and stroboscope for a functional test
  • External electronic control unit with embedded computer (“F-Box”), connects to sensor cables, compressed air and system liquid (water)
  • Adjustable dosage pressure: 100-600 kPa (1-6 bar)
  • Step width: 2mm in X/Y (belt-driven). 10 um in Z encoder-controlled
  • Target holders for two or three microtitre plates

For more details, please visit GeSIM website:



CHEUNG Chi Fai, Randy
Back-up Support: CHAN Kam Ming
Location: LIBSB 120
Booking: New users please contact Randy in person for discussion before start