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GESIM μContact Printer 4.1


The mContact Printer 4.1 (mCP4.1) is a small robotic platform with automatic inking pad preparation and numerous options, for research and small-scale production.
The platform fits in a laminar flow clean bench

  • XYZ robotics, belt-driven
  • Repeating accuracy of mechanics < 5mm
  • Individually controlled multi-Z-drives with various tools, stamping unit and cartridge/powder/piezo/capillary dispensers, etc
  • Stamp drive: automatic pickup of stamp holder from rack, head turnable by ± 5°
  • Stamp diameters: 5, 10, 16, 20 mm (max)
  • Substrate holder: wafer size (10 cm / 4”), vacuum fixation, with ceramic heater / air-cooling
  • Sensors for stamp Z-position, substrate Z-height, and positions of dispenser tips
  • Microscope in print head, background illumination, automatic image processing to find and align fiducial marks
  • Liquid handling by capillary dispenser (for ml volumes) and/or piezoelectric ink-jet dispenser (for nl volumes)
  • Microplate holder
  • UV source with optical fiber for NIL
  • Windows control software, pre-configured on computer

For more details, please visit GeSIM website:


CHEUNG Chi Fai, Randy
Back-up Support: CHAN Kam Ming
Location: LIBSB 120
Booking: New users please contact Randy in person for discussion before start