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Scanco Medical µCT 35


  µCT 35 is used to examine diverse materials such as ex-vivo bone samples and medical implants and are calibrated for measurement of biological tissue densities, and powerful 3D analysis routines including distance transformation, allowing measurement of thickness and separation of features like trabecular bone structure and blood vessels. The sample changer accommodates 8 sample holders. Depending on scanner type and sample holder diameter, scan position and protocol are specified for all samples interactively during loading, after which scans are performed unattended in batch mode. It also provides a software suite that offers a comprehensive solution for scanning, 3D analysis, visualization, image management and data import/export.
Specifications µCT 35
Type Desktop cone-beam micro-CT

Fully shielded

No external shielding required

X-ray source Sealed



30 - 70 kVp / 20 - 50 keV (160 µA)

Detector 2048 x 256 elements, 24 µm pitch
Resolution ‹ 5 µm 10% MTF

1.75 - 72 µm nominal isotropic (pixel size)

Image matrix 512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096 pix
Max. scan size 37.9 x 120 mm (ØxL)
Max. specimen size 75.8* x 140 mm (ØxL) [ *Density calibration valid up to 36.9mm]
Applications Trabecular bone evaluation:

• Segmentation of bone

• Trabecular thickness

• Trabecular separation

• Finite element analysis of trabecular stress


Material Applications (µCT 35):

• Scaffold thickness map

• Freeze-dried sample


- Josie
Back-up Support: - Anny / Samuel
Location: LIBSB 115
Booking For SBS MEMBERS ONLY and not open to non-SBS users.
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