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Shared Equipments in "Common Area"

We have consolidated a List of Shared Equipments which are located in the "Common Area" of each floor for your easy reference. Other shared equipments, which could be shared at nominal or free-of-charge use, are listed under "Core Facilities" managed by the Core Laboratories. For your information, the shared equipments are classified into 3 categories, namely

  1. School-based equipment
    Equipments belong to the School and could be shared / used by all PIs.
  2. Theme-based equipment
    Equipments belong to a particular Theme and only PIs of that Theme would have the right to use. If anyone wishes to borrow / use the Theme-based equipment which is not belonged to your Theme, please obtain prior approval from the respective Theme Chief.

    TRP Theme Chief Contact Tel. Room
    CBET Prof. CHENG Sze Lok Alfred  394 39842 406A
    DRB Prof. LEE Ka Ho Kenneth 394 36785 126A
    NVMB Prof. YAO Xiaoqiang 394 36877 224A

  3. PI-owned equipment
    Equipment belongs to a particular PI and he / she has the sole authority to use that equipment.
    If you wish to borrow / use any PI-owned equipment which is not belonged to you, please obtain prior approval from the respective PI.

    If you require any assistance, please contact Mr. Chung Yiu Wa (Tel.: 3943 9668; Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

    User Committee on Common Facilities
    School of Biomedical Sciences

List of Shared Equipments in "Common Area"