School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學

Education 2021

Composition and Terms of Reference

Head: Dr. Sam H.K. Poon
Members: Prof. Simon C.L. Au
Prof. Chan Sun-on
Dr. Isabel S.S. Hwang
Prof. Kwong Wing-hang
Prof. Alaster H.Y. Lau
Dr. Ann S.N. Lau
Dr. Josephine W.S. Lau
Dr. Rebecca K.Y. Lee
Dr. Christopher See
Dr. Florence M.K. Tang
Dr. Maria S.M. Wai
Dr. Molly P.M. Wong
Dr. Wong Wai Kai
Dr. Po H.M. Yeung


Terms of reference

  • To develop and promote the use of effective tools and good practices for the advancement of teaching quality and enhancement of student learning experience;
  • To make recommendations on improving the curriculum designs such that they are student-centred and outcome-based;
  • To study and implement policies which are in line with the University's quality assurance framework;
  • To promote the professional development of academic staff in teaching;
  • To conduct research in the areas of teaching, learning and assessments so as to provide evidence for the work being carried out by the Committee on BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme, the Undergraduate Education Committee and the Division of Education.