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11 WONG Wai Kai Portrait


B.Sc., Ph.D.

電話:  3943 5769

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地址: 610M, Choh-MIng Li Basic Medical Sciences Building, CUHK








Dr WONG Wai Kai (黃偉佳) is a lecturer in the School of Biomedical Sciences, CUHK Faculty of Medicine. He received his B.Sc. (Biology, with Minor Psychology) and Ph.D. (Anatomy) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. With his research interest in neurodegenerative diseases in brain, spinal cord and retina, CNS and PNS regeneration mechanisms, he studied the dynamic roles of different heat-shock proteins in the neurons and glial cells under the influence of growth factors for supporting mammalian CNS regeneration.

He received five “Teacher of the Year Award (Medicine Year 1)”, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK, in 2019-2023. He is an experienced teacher and served in curriculum design and course administration in various programmes, including course coordination in Medical Year 1 Histology, Year 3 Anatomy in MBChB Programme, Anatomy for Chinese Medicine Programme and Internship for Biomedical Sciences Programme. He is also a preclinical academic advisor and responsible for Academic Counselling for supporting Medical Students.

His current pedagogical research interest is on developing interactive high resolution 3D scanning and reconstruction of human structures for teaching Anatomy and Neurosciences. He is currently working on an interdisciplinary project for mapping and 3D illustration of Acupoints and the Human Meridian System with Anatomy. He is a mentor of a student start-up (OAO Limited) providing latest high-efficiency mobile scanning apps and learning platform for educational use.

  1. Human Anatomy, including gross anatomy, histology and neuroanatomy.
  2. Neurosciences, ranging from histological to anatomical architecture of the nervous system, behavior, psychological functioning and cognitive psychology. Disorders of the brain and regeneration of the central nervous system.
  3. Endocrine anatomy and physiology.
  4. Development and application of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in teaching and learning.
  5. Academic advising and student support.
  1. Teaching Development and Learning Enhancement Grant (TDLEG) for 2022-2025, CUHK [PI] ““CHIM3DERA” – An Interactive Student-Lead Dissection Workshop and a 3D Scanned Specimen Model Platform to Enhance Interdisciplinary Peer-Learning of Anatomy And Acupuncture” (HK$927,860).
  2. 中醫藥發展基金- 中醫藥行業培訓資助計劃 (B1-1) 2023, 中文大學[協作研究]「針灸培訓計劃——危險穴位解剖學」(HK&703,306)
  3. Course Development Grant (CDG) for 2019-2022, “Crowdsourcing for e-Learning Anatomy: Creating Peer-Led Video Courseware By Students For Students.” (HK$100,000)
  4. Teaching Development and Learning Enhancement Grant (TDLEG) for 2016-2019 Triennium, CUHK [CO-I]: “Application of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for Teaching Multidisciplinary Topics in Biomedical Sciences” (HK$496,980)
  1. Faculty’s Best Teacher of the Year (Medicine Year 1), Faculty of Medicine, CUHK in 2019 – 2023
  2. Gold Award for Pedagogical Innovation, CUHK, 2022
  3. Bronze Award for Educational Technology Innovation, CUHK 2022
  4. Best Presentation, Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo, CUHK, 2020, 2021 & 2022
  5. Poster Award, Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo, CUHK, 2016, 2018, 2019 & 2022