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MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), India
MD, Pharmacology (Doctor of Medicine), India

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Dr. SINGH Kanchan Rao obtained her MBBS & MD (Pharmacology) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India. She is a versatile professional offering over 12 years of experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, as well as working in a multinational pharmaceutical. She is passionate about teaching with a strong desire to enhance students’ skills, impart advanced knowledge of pharmacology, drug research & its application to drug development.

She has extensive inter-disciplinary experience in teaching pharmacology to medical, dental, physiotherapy. occupational therapy, nursing, medical laboratory science & biomedical students in India and Hong Kong. In addition, she has conducted numerous lectures in research methodology and was a certified faculty by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India. Her current interest lies in integrating the bioethical curriculum into the undergraduate medical course, and pursuing further learning in the field. She is proactive and forward thinking, demonstrating solid communication and presentation skills.

  1. Teaching general, systemic & experimental pharmacology by objective setting & application in clinical settings
  2. Teaching bioethics & integrating it into undergraduate curriculum using a variety of teaching techniques
  3. Curriculum development including general needs assessment, targeted needs assessment, finalisation of educational strategies, implementation and evaluation
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  1. Indian Council for Medical Research – Short Term Studentship Grant (ICMR – STS) for 2010-11:“Assessment of the degree of awareness among physicians and patients about drug package inserts” (INR$10000)
  1. Award for Highest Marks in MD Pharmacology Examination: The Organising Committee of Southern Regional Conference of Pharmacology (India), October 2006
  2. Award for Highest Marks in Pharmacology MBBS Examination: Dr. S.R. Patil of Kolhapur Cash Prize – MBBS Phase II Exam, April 2000
  3. Award for Highest Marks in Pharmacology MBBS Examination: Annual Conference of Association of Physicians of India (APICON) instituted from the year 1995, April 2000
  4. Certificate of Merit-I Class in MBBS Phase I, II &III: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Dec 1998, April 2000, April 2002, Jul 2003