School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學


Topographic Anatomy with Dissection
D1 Thorax
D2 Abdomen
D3 Pelvis and Perineum
D4 Back and Upper limb
D5 Lower Limb
D6 Head and Neck

System Anatomy
A1 Cardiovascular System
A2 Lymphatic system
A3 Respiratory System
A4 Musculoskeletal System
A5 Digestive System
A6 Integumentary System
A7 Urinary System
A8 Female and Male Reproductive System
A9 Endocrine System
A10 Nervous System/Neuroanatomy

E1 Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Digestive and Musculoskeletal Systems
E2 Urinary and Reproductive Systems
E3 Nervous System

H1 Basic Epithelial, Connective, Muscular and Nervous Tissues
H2 Cardiovascular System
H3 Respiratory System
H4 Musculoskeletal System
H5 Digestive System
H6 Integumentary System
H7 Urinary System
H8 Female and Male Reproductive System
H9 Endocrine System
H10 Nervous System

B1 Cell Biology
B2 Enzymes
B3 Biomolecules (carbohydrate)
B4 Biomolecules (lipids)
B5 Biomolecules (proteins)
B6 Metabolism (general)
B7 Metabolism (carbohydrate)
B8 Metabolism (lipid)
B9 Metabolism (amino acid, nitrogen, nucleotide)
B10 Biotechnology
B11 Molecular Biology
B12 Molecular Biology (techniques)
B13 Genetics
B14 Biology of bone/cartilage and tendon/ligament
B15 Neurobiology

PM1 Basic pharmacology/mechanisms of drug action
PM2 Autocoids and inflammation
PM3 Drugs on the autonomic nervous system
PM4 Drugs and the gut
PM5 Drugs on the cardiovascular system
PM6 Drugs on the respiratory system
PM7 Drugs on the endocrine system
PM8 Drugs and renal diseases
PM9 Blood disorder
PM10 Drug interactions/toxicology
PM11 Pharmacotherapy of infectious diseases
PM12 Pharmacotherapy of hepatic disorders
PM13 Pharmacotherapy of neurologic disorders
PM14 Pharmacotherapy of onocologic disorders
PM15 Immunosuppressive therapy

PS1 General physiology
PS2 Cardiovascular physiology
PS3 Respiratory Physiology
PS4 Renal Physiology
PS5 Gastrointestinal Physiology
PS6 Endocrine Physiology
PS7 Reproductive Physiology
PS8 Physiology of CNS/ Motor Control
PS9 Sensory Physiology