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Event Highlights

Capstone Research Project Presentation Day

Date : 2022-04-14
Details :

The Capstone Research Project Presentation Day of BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme was successfully held on 14 April 2022 in online format. 12 final year students, 5 assessors and 64 School members participated in this event. The participating students and their research mentors were as follows:


Research Mentor

Ms. Chang Hsiao-mei

Prof. Ellis K.L. Fok

Ms. Ding Yuyue

Prof. Zhao Hui

Mr. Kam Tsz-yeung

Prof. Jacque P.K. Ip

Ms. Carissa K.Y. Kwan

Prof. Elmer D.F. Ker

Mr. Lee Yu-hong

Prof. Ke Ya

Mr. Li Cheuk-kwan

Prof. Anna M. Blocki

Mr. Pang Chun-keung

Prof. Chan Hon-fai

Mr. Shi Zhuohan

Prof. Yao Xiaoqiang

Mr. Tsang Kin-ching

Prof. Feng Bo

Ms. Tsang Kit-hung

Prof. Michelle D. Wang

Ms. Tung Lok-yi

Prof. Woody W.Y. Chan

Ms. Yu Mingyang

Prof. Tian Xiaoyu

These students presented their findings to the Panel followed by Q&A session. The panel assessors comprised of Prof. Andrew M. Chan, Director, School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS), CUHK; Prof. Woody W.Y. Chan, Associate Director (Graduate Education), SBS; Prof. Stephen K.W. Tsui, Associate Director (Research), SBS; Prof. Billy W.L. Ng, Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, CUHK; and Prof. Lai Kwok-on, Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience, City University of Hong Kong, shared their comments and advice with the students. Mr. Tsang Kin-ching under the mentorship of Prof. Feng Bo finally won the Best Presentation Award. Congratulations to Mr. Tsang for his excellent presentation and research work.

Capstone Research Project is an Experiential Learning requirement for students who have opted to concentrate in Biomedical Research in senior year of studies.  Students are required to conduct a research project under the supervision of a Principal Investigator from the School for a year and present their research findings on the annual Presentation Day.  This Capstone Research Project aims to enhance the research ability of students and deepen their academic connection with teaching and research staff members.

Group photo of Capstone Research Project Presentation Day

Mr. Tsang Kin-ching scores the highest marks and wins the Best Presentation Award

Student presentations