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Prof. FOK Kin Lam Ellis (霍建霖) obtained his Ph.D. in physiology from the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS), The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009. He continued his research after graduation and then moved to the Department of Medicine, McGill University in Canada as Post-doc Fellow in 2012. He joined SBS as a Research Assistant Professor in 2015, and he became an Assistant Professor in 2017. 

Dr. Fok’s research mainly focuses on male reproduction and germline stem cell biology. His previous researches have uncovered the functions of a number of genes in spermatogenesis. He has also studied the sperm maturation process in detail and uncovered the dual role of a small peptide human β-defensin 1 in regulating the motility and bactericidal activity of sperm. During his training at McGill University, Dr. Fok has also looked into the biology of spermatogonial stem cells and revealed the involvement of a ubiquitin ligase in regulating the establishment and maintenance of spermatogonial stem cells. Over the years, Dr. Fok has published over 30 peer-review articles in decent journals including Science Translational Medicine and Cell Research. Dr. Fok has served as an invited reviewer for international journals and a grant reviewer for overseas funding bodies. He is also the review editor for the Frontiers journals.



Dr. Fok’s lab is seeking an enthusiastic postgraduate student to work on projects related to reproductive biology and male infertility. The candidate will join a vibrant school that offers state-of-the-art facilities for research and all-round training for different career paths. Interested candidate should send a CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  1. Biology of spermatogonial stem cells, spermatogenesis and sperm functions
  2. Etiology and therapeutic regimen of male infertility and related diseases
  3. Male contraception
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