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Inauguration Ceremony for New BSc in Biomedical Sciences Students (2022/23)

Date : 2022-09-05
Details :

As an annual event to mark the official start of the new academic year, the BSc Programme Team of the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS) organized the Inauguration Ceremony for Academic Year 2022/23 on 5 September 2022, to welcome the newly admitted students of the BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme. It was well attended by over 120 students and academic staff of the School.

After the opening remarks by Miss Abbey F.K. Basoglu and Mr. Jirat Thanapolprasert, Year 2 students in BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme, Prof. Chan Wai-yee, Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Vice-President (Strategic Developments) of CUHK and Founding Director of SBS, and Prof. Andrew M. Chan, Director of SBS delivered their welcome speeches respectively. Afterwards, Academic Mentors (AMs) and Personal Development Mentors (PDMs) presented welcome gifts to the new students. All freshmen were then arranged to meet their AMs and PDMs to further interact and mingle with each other. We welcome all new students for joining the big family of SBS and wish all teachers and students a delightful and fruitful academic year ahead.

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Group photo of the Inauguration Ceremony

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Prof. Chan Wai-yee

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Prof. Andrew Chan

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news 20220916 5

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