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Cross-Strait Symposium on Biomedical Sciences cum SBS Postgraduate Research Day 2016

Date : 2016-11-10 - 2016-11-11
Details :

With the concerted efforts of the Organizing Committee of the SBS Postgraduate Research Day 2016, the SBS Postgraduate Student Association (PSA) and the Graduate Education Office, the Cross-Strait Symposium on Biomedical Sciences cum SBS Postgraduate Research Day 2016 was successfully held on 10 – 11 November 2016. This annual flagship event has been serving as an excellent platform for our postgraduate students to share their achievements with their peers and supervisors since the establishment of the School seven years ago.

Following the previous exchange activities held in June 2014 and August 2016, three delegation teams from Kunming Institute of Zoology (KIZ), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Taiwan’s National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Taiwan and Peking University (PKU), China with a total of 26 postgraduate students and 7 professors were invited to take part in the poster and oral presentations this year. More than 200 participants including our postgraduate students, teaching and research staff members, and our local and overseas guests joined the event this year. The authors of the best 16 posters were invited to give an oral presentation on their projects on the second day to compete for various prizes.

Congratulations go to the following prize winners for their wonderful presentations and excellent research work:

Awards Name Supervisor / Institution
First Award Tam Tsz-kwan Prof. Alisa S.W. Shum / SBS
First Award Liu Zhe PKU
Second Award Li Lisha Prof. Andrew M.L. Chan / SBS
Second Award Mu Mingdao Prof. Ke Ya / SBS
Second Award Yang Tsangi NTHU
Second Award Yang Wen-ting NTHU
Third Award Liu Man Prof. Alfred S.L. Cheng / SBS
Third Award Marina Dukhinova Prof. Eugene Ponomarev / SBS
Third Award Liang Hui-chun KIZ, CAS
Third Award Xue Ruidong PKU
Third Award Yang Fuhan KIZ, CAS
Top Ten Award Cheng Tsz-wai Prof. Leung Po-sing / SBS
Top Ten Award Sun Yayi Prof. John Rudd / SBS
Top Ten Award Xie Ting Prof. Leung Po-sing / SBS
Top Ten Award Zeng Yelin Prof. Kingston K.L. Mak / SBS
Top Ten Award Zhu Zeyao Prof. Cheng Hon-ki / SBS


Our School would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the following members who contributed significantly to the success of this event:

Organizing Committee of SBS Postgraduate Research Day 2016:

Ms. Angel T.Y. Wan (President) Mr. Liu Ziran (Vice President)
Mr. Bruce T.K. Pang (Vice President) Mr. Andy C.K. Cheng
Mr. Gao Weijie Ms. Guo Yue
Ms. Hou Jinpao Ms. Li Chunyue
Ms. Li Xingyu Ms. Li Yi
Ms. Li Yuejiao Mr. Lian Wei
Mr. Kenneth N.S. Lin Ms. Pan Tiantian
Ms. Sophie K.Y. Wong Ms. Xiao Chuying
Mr. Xu Liangliang Ms. Yu Qiuxiao
Ms. Zeng Xuezhen Ms. Zhang Caiyun
Ms. Zhang Yu Ms. Zhuo Duan


Adjudicators from SBS, CUHK:

Prof. Chan Wai-yee Prof. Kenneth K.H. Lee
Prof. Leung Po-sing Prof. Feng Bo
Prof. Xia Yin Prof. Wan Chao
Prof. Zhao Hui Prof. Lin Ge
Prof. Chen Yangchao Prof. Andrew M.L. Chan
Prof. Cho Chi-hin Prof. Fung Kwok-pui
Prof. Francis F.Y. Lam Prof. Yao Xiaoqiang
Prof. Kwan Yiu-wa Prof. Tian Xiaoyu
Prof. Vincent C.K. Cheung Prof. Ruan Yechun
Prof. Albert H.H. Cheung Prof. Ke Ya
Prof. Alisa S.W. Shum Prof Ko Wing Hung
Prof. So Hon-cheong Prof John Rudd
Prof. Ellis K.L. Fok Prof. Cheung Wing-tai

Graduate Education Office:

Prof. Woody W.Y. Chan Ms. Mandy M.T. Chan
Ms. Carmen Y.Y. Lau Ms. Nicole S.C. Ng

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Snapshot taken during the poster presentation

Snapshot taken during the oral presentation

Group Photo of the Cross-Strait Symposium on Biomedical Sciences

Group photo of 2016 SBS Postgraduate Research Day