School of Biomedical Sciences
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Event Highlights

Participation in the Faculty Strategic Workshop 2024, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK

Date : 2024-01-27
Details :

Prof. Alfred S.L. Cheng, Professor, Dr. Ann S.N. Lau, Associate Director (Undergraduate Education) and Dr. Christopher Y.H. See, Lecturer of the School of Biomedical Sciences were invited as the speakers and moderator at the Faculty Strategic Workshop 2024 organised by the Faculty of Medicine of CUHK held on 27 Jan 2024 at the CUHK Medical Centre.

Prof. Cheng enlightened the audience with his knowledge on the topic “Securing Resources for Research Breakthroughs from RGC and beyond”. Dr. Lau shared her expertise on “AI and CUHK Medical Education: How it matters to you?”. Dr. See acted as the moderator of a panel discussion on funding opportunities in teaching.

Prof. Alfred S.L. Cheng shares about research resources

Dr Ann S. N. Lau shares her expertise on AI and medical education

Dr. Christopher Y.H. See (1st from right) acts as the moderator of the panel discussion