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Prof. Wai-Yee Chan, Director of SBS, has recently been appointed Visiting Professor to Jinan University, China. The Appointment Ceremony, officiated by Prof. Y. F. Yang, Associate Dean of College of Life Sciences and Technology, Jinan University, was held on 19 January 2011 at Jinan University. The Ceremony began with a welcome speech delivered by Prof. T. H. Zhou, Vice President of Jinan University, followed by a presentation of the Appointment Letter to Prof. Chan. Prof. Chan extended his gratitude to Jinan University and delivered an open seminar on “Non-Coding RNAs and Epigenetic Regulation in Health and Diseases” to the University community. This Ceremony is also covered at the official website of Jinan University.

In December 2007, the CUHK and Jinan University established a “MOE Key CUHK-Jinan University Joint Laboratories for Regenerative Medicine”. Since its establishment in June 2009, the School of Biomedical Sciences has served as the main base for the Joint Laboratories in CUHK. Prof. Kenneth Lee of the School of Biomedical Sciences is the Associate Director of the Joint Laboratories at CUHK. Professor Chan and some of the PIs in our School are key members of the Joint Laboratories. For details of the Joint Laboratories, please visit

News appointment ceremony 19jan2011 1

Presentation of Appointment Certificate to Prof. Wai-Yee Chan by Prof. Prof. T.H. Zhou, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Jinan University

News appointment ceremony 19jan2011 2

Group photo with members of the MOE Key CUHK-Jinan University Joint Laboratories for Regenerative Medicine, including Prof. D.Q. Cai, Director of this Joint Laboratories (5th from right)