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Prof. Xia Yin, Assistant Professor and Prof. Zhao Hui, Research Assistant Professor of our School successfully secured grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China / Research Grants Council (NSFC/RGC) Joint Research Scheme 2012/13, which grossed a total of HK$2.05 million (from the RGC) and RMB¥1.60 million (from the NSFC). These two projects have accounted for 28.6% out of the seven successful CUHK proposals funded under the NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme 2012/13. The two funded proposals are:

  • The Role of the BMP Co-receptor Dragon in Kidney Tubular Development and Regeneration - Prof. Xia Yin
  • Molecular Mechanism of Notochord Formation Regulated by XBP1 - Prof. Zhao Hui

The grants exemplified the outcome of the commitment and continued hard-work of both Prof. Xia and Prof. Zhao, and at the same time demonstrated our concerted efforts in developing scientific collaboration with mainland institutions.

Details of the funded projects for 2012/13 under the NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme can be found at HERE.


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Prof. Xia Yin

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Prof. Zhao Hui