School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學

Five of our School members have recently been given the annual Teachers of the Year Awards (2011-2012) by the Faculty of Medicine. They included:

Medical Program Year 1
Prof. Au Chak-Leung Simon
Prof. Leung Po-Sing
Prof. Shum Sau-Wun Alisa

Medical Program Year 2
Prof. Kwong Wing-Hang
Prof. Yung Wing-Ho

Selection for the awards is based on a combination of students' voting, Course and Teaching Evaluation (CTE) scores and other contribution towards teaching and education. The Awards Ceremony was held on 8 February 2013 at Shaw Auditorium of School of Public Health and Primary Care, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin.

The awardees' assiduous efforts and devotion to teaching and education have set an exemplary model to other colleagues at the School in the pursuit of teaching and learning excellence.

News teacher award 08feb2013 1

Prof. Au Chak-Leung Simon

News teacher award 08feb2013 2

Prof. Leung Po Sing

News teacher award 08feb2013 3

Prof. Shum Sau-Wun Alisa

News teacher award 08feb2013 4

Prof. Kwong Wing Hang

News teacher award 08feb2013 5

Prof. Yung Wing Ho