School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學

In the RGC-GRF exercise (2014/15), 19 projects submitted by our School members were successfully funded, including two ECS projects. A gross amount of about HKD16.9 million was secured. The corresponding principal investigators (PIs) are listed below according to the alphabetical order of their surnames:

Prof. Andrew M.L. Chan Prof. Chan L. Franky Prof. Chan Hsiao Chang
Prof. Woody W.Y. Chan Prof. Chen Yangchao Prof. Alfred S.L. Cheng
Prof. Christopher H.K. Cheng Prof. Feng Bo Prof. Huang Yu
Prof. Ke Ya Prof. Leung Po-sing Prof. Lin Ge
Prof. Eugene Ponomarev* Prof. Ruan Ye-chun Prof. Alisa S.W. Shum
Prof. Wan Chao Prof. Sidney S.B. Yu Prof. Yung Wing-ho
Prof. Zhao Hui*

(* ECS projects)

This is indeed a remarkable achievement of the School ever since its establishment in mid 2009. In fact, the number of funded projects and total amount of grants obtained by our School in this exercise respectively accounted for about 34.5% and 40% of all the successful projects and total sum of funding obtained by the whole Faculty of Medicine.

We would like to extend again our heartiest congratulations to the above PIs! The results are definitely recognitions of their continued hard-work and full commitment to research excellence.