School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學

In order to better respond to the fast-changing research landscape and to continually enhance our research competitiveness, the School of Biomedical Sciences has initiated a comprehensive review on its theme-based model since early 2016, after successful implementation of the five Thematic Research Programs (TRPs) for seven years. Following rounds of consultation with the stakeholders and members of the School, it was agreed that the number of TRPs be restructured from five to three, with the new Theme Chiefs to be elected among the theme members. The new TRPs and the respective Theme Chiefs are as follows:

Cancer Biology and Experimental Therapeutics (CBET) TRP
Theme Chief: Prof. Andrew M.L. Chan

Prof Andrew Chan

Developmental and Regenerative Biology (DRB) TRP
Theme Chief: Prof. Kenneth K.H. Lee

Prof Kenneth Lee

Neural, Vascular, and Metabolic Biology (NVMB) TRP
Theme Chief: Prof. Yao Xiaoqiang

Prof Yao Xiaoqiang


It can be foreseen that the forming of new TRPs structure will provide a more cohesive and interactive platform for undertaking more high impact collaborations and reaching out to other members of the University and to academic institutions in Hong Kong and around the world. It is also our hope that the restructuring will capitalize on the success of the School acquired in the past seven years, thus facilitating the research directions promoted by the University and the Faculty of Medicine.