School of Biomedical Sciences
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Prof. Alfred S.L. Cheng, Associate Professor and the Deputy Chief of Cancer Biology and Experimental Therapeutics Thematic Research Program of the School of Biomedical Sciences, has been recently been awarded the “Asa Briggs Visiting Fellowship” in February 2017 by the University of Sussex (Sussex), United Kingdom.

The Fellowship scheme aims to enable visits to Sussex by international outstanding academics for collaborations on specific projects with Sussex faculty. Prof. Cheng collaborates with Prof. Simon Ward, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Director of the Sussex Drug Discovery Centre (SDDC), on the project “Structure-function of cell cycle-related kinase – from multi-disciplinary to targeted drug development for liver cancer”. Details of the project can be viewed HERE.

In late July to early August 2017, Prof. Cheng visited the SDDC. He delivered a seminar on ‘'Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Why are men at a loss?” on 26 July 2017, which was tweeted on the webpage of SDDC ( During the stay at SDDC, Prof. Cheng was able to further strengthen the collaborative effort in the development of novel liver cancer therapeutics with SDDC.

The award not only recognizes Prof. Cheng’s research endeavors but also demonstrates his continued efforts in outreach to establish collaborative networks with academic institution outside of the University.

Prof. Alfred S.L. Cheng