School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學

Prof. Stephen K.W. Tsui and Prof. Vivian W.Y. Lui, Professor and Associate Professor of the School of Biomedical Sciences, held a press conference on 7 December 2017. In the press conference, the professors announced the launch of the city’s first collaborative study between the Faculty of Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of The University of Hong Kong, with the aim of providing expert affordable multi-gene mutation – drug matching for recurrent ovarian cancer patients. The objective of this research is to help identify a more precise choice of drug, based on tumour DNA characteristics using modern pharmacogenomics analysis, as well as to determine the prevalence of potential druggable DNA events in Asian recurrent ovarian cancer patients.


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Prof. Stephen K.W. Tsui


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Prof. Vivian W.Y. Lui