School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學

A research study led by Prof. So Hon-cheong, Assistant Professor of the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS), CUHK has recently reported an advanced statistical approach to analyse risk factors that may be causally related to COVID-19 infection. Results suggested that diabetes may be a risk factor leading to increased susceptibility to or severity of COVID-19 infection through changes in ACE2 expression, which is a key receptor for the virus.

A substantial proportion of COVID-19 deaths in Hong Kong has previous diagnosis of diabetes. There is an urgent need to confirm risk factors and the mechanisms in order to protect the susceptible groups and identify effective treatments. These new insights have recently been published in the international scientific journal Diabetes Care.

The other two team members as co-first authors of the paper include Ms. Alexandria Lau, the BSc student of SBS, and Dr. Rao Shitao, Research Fellow of SBS. The full research paper is available HERE, whereas the related coverage by the Communications and Public Relations Office, CUHK can be viewed HERE.

Prof. So Hon-cheong