School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學

We are in deepest sadness and sorrow for the passing of Professor Cheung Wing-tai on 21 November 2021. Professor Cheung, Associate Professor of the School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK who recently retired since August 2021, had truly been a highly respected member of our School, the Faculty and the University.

Professor Cheung obtained his BSc degree and MPhil degree from CUHK in 1984 and 1986 respectively, and received his PhD degree in the University of Cambridge in 1990. Following his post-doctoral training in the University of Cambridge, Professor Cheung re-joined CUHK in 1992 and had served the former Department of Biochemistry and our School for 29 years. Professor Cheung is a dedicated researcher and educator. Since the establishment of the School and until his retirement, he served as the Chairman of the Committee on Safety Management of the School for more than 11 years. Throughout his academic journey, he published numerous research papers in international journals on areas of antibody engineering and design, G protein-coupled receptors, non-coding RNAs and repetitive sequences, lipids in signaling and diseases, and cancer biology.

Professor Cheung was highly respected by colleagues and students with his professional attitudes, academic enthusiasm, unselfish services, and dedicated contributions to the School, the Faculty and the University. We would like to express our heartiest gratitude to Professor Cheung’s ceaseless commitments and contributions over the years, and extend our deepest condolences to Professor Cheung’s family. He will be greatly missed by his peers, students and mentees.

Andrew Chan
Director, School of Biomedical Sciences