School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學

Five School members, Dr. Isabel S.S. Hwang, Dr. Ann S.N. Lau, Dr. Christopher See, Dr. Florence M.K. Tang and Dr. Po H.M. Yeung obtained funding from the Funding Scheme to Enhance Student Engagement and Address Student Learning Needs, which is supported by Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant (TDLEG) by University Grants Committee (UGC) in the 2022-25 Triennium. The awarded projects are as below:

SBS# and non-SBS members (Principal Supervisor*) Project title Funded amount (HK$)
Dr. Isabel S.S. Hwang*# , Dr. Po H.M. Yeung*#, Ms. Amy W.S. Lo, Ms. Cherry K.W. Lee, Mr. Marcus C.L. Lee ‘Introduction and Application of Dignity Dining’ Through Innovative Workshops: A Novel and Pioneering Approach to Create Awareness and Compassion on Elderly Care in Medical Students $114,868
Dr. Florence M.K. Tang*#, Dr. Ann S. N. Lau*#, Prof. Olivia M.Y. Ngan*, Mr. Taylor L.H. Tang*, Mr. Kenneth C.H. Lai*, Prof. Paul L.C. Lam, Dr. Charlis Y.M. Li, Mr Daniel C.K. Pang, Ms. Provides T.Y. Ng, Ms. Michaela C.H. Wong, Ms. Phyllis S.Y. Law, Mr Thomas T.H. But Innovative Digital Learning Space Drives Stimulus Motives in Quality of Education $293,332
Dr. Christpher See*# GenAI Playground: Developing Traceable and Responsible Student Uses of Generative AI for Education $100,565
Dr. Joyce S.W. Lee *, Dr. Christopher See*# Modular Educational Escape Rooms: a Programme-level, Scalable Pedagogy for Enhancing Learning, Teamwork and Communication Skills $263,045

Dr. Isabel Hwang, Dr. Ann Lau, Dr. Christopher See, Dr. Florence Tang and Dr. Po Yeung serve as Principal Supervisors of their four funded projects