Research Focus:

Neurophysiology, neurodevelopment, and neurodegenerative diseases

  1. One focus is neuroplasticity and motor learning, control of voluntary movement, treatment strategies for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases as well as stroke survivors. Members are also interested in neurocognitive deficits in obstructive sleep apnea, brain iron dysregulation in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, ocular inflammation, retinal degeneration and glaucoma, inflammatory response and platelets in the central nervous system.


Cardiovascular function, metabolic diseases, cellular signaling

  1. A focus is cellular and molecular events in the initiation and progression of endothelial cell dysfunction in hypertension and diabetes, and animal models for cardio-metabolic disorder. Members are also interested in ion channels (TRP and K channel) and calcium signaling in the cardiovascular system, modulation of cardiac and vascular smooth muscle ion channels by herbal medicine.
  2. Other interest includes molecular biology of fluorescent proteins, development of anti-obesity and anti-diabetic drugs, mechanisms of fetal programming of type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome in offspring of diabetic mothers, mediators of arthritis development and stroke, ion channels in cancer cells, subcellular vesicular trafficking and autophagy.


Name Contact No.
Prof CHEN Zhen Yu 3943 6382
Prof CHOI Chung Hang Jonathan 3943 8469
Prof LAM Chiu Wa Linda 3505 6040
Prof MA Ching Wan Ronald 3505 3135
Prof MOK Chung Tong Vincent 3505 3523
Prof PANG Chi Pui Calvin 3943 5801
Prof WAN Song 3505 2629
Prof WANG Chi Chiu Ronald 3505 3099
Prof WONG Chun Man Patrick 3943 7009
Prof WU Che Yuen Justin 3505 3593


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